Pricing Chart

The Faerie Human Relations Department is run on DONATIONS! What does that mean? That means that we trust you are giving what you can. Faerie visits shouldn’t be restricted to only those with the most gold. This system only works if those blessed with more wealth than average give a bit more, so that those in need can still bring this special type of joy to their children. We of the fae folk have faith in the goodness inside our human neighbors, as time and again we’ve seen that bright light shine through even as times seem dire. Please help us to make this system work. The pricing listed below is just to give you an idea of what is needed to cover our expenses while you plan your donation. If there is not currently enough funding from donations for our faerie to attend your celebration, we’ll let you know and put you on a waiting list until we receive enough funding to attend.

Face Painting & Balloon Twisting

Time of VisitMax # of ParticipantsPrice
1 hour5$120
1.5 hours15$177
2 hours20$232
2.5 hours25$285
3 hours30$336
3.5 hours35$385
4 hours40$432
4.5 hours45$477
5 hours50$520
5.5 hours55$561
6 hours60$600
Every friend gets both a face paint and a balloon!

Face Painting ONLY

Time of VisitMax # of ParticipantsPrice
1 hour10$120
1.5 hours20$177
2 hours30$232
2.5 hours40$285
3 hours50$336
3.5 hours60$385
4 hours70$432
4.5 hours80$477
5 hours90$520
5.5 hours100$561
6 hours110$600
Every friend gets a face or arm paint!

Balloon Twisting ONLY

Time of VisitMax # of ParticipantsPrice
1 hour20$120
1.5 hours30$177
2 hours40$232
2.5 hours50$285
3 hours60$336
3.5 hours70$385
4 hours80$432
4.5 hours90$477
5 hours100$520
5.5 hours110$561
6 hours120$600
Every friend gets a balloon!

Faerie Visit

Time of VisitMax # of ParticipantsPrice
30 minutesN/A$50
1 hourN/A$100
A faerie visits to answer and ask questions and have pictures taken.

Handmade bubble wand gift add $15

Handmade pixie dust necklace gift add $20