In-Person Faerie Visits

Precautions – In light of the recent pandemic, the F.H.R.D faerie representative is currently only able to attend events where the faerie is able to stay outside for the duration, for as long as Butte County remains in the Medium or High COVID-19 Community Level per the CDC website. A face shield may also be worn by the faerie during face painting. We truly appreciate your understanding. If you have concerns, please discuss your face mask preferences while scheduling. You may find the current Butte County Community Level here:


The Faerie Human Relations Department is in the process of implementing a sliding pay scale so that all families, regardless of income, can also have faerie visits for their children. In the meantime, if you are unable to afford a faerie visit for your family, please send butterflies to the F.H.R.D by selecting the “Contact Us” section of this website, and we’ll see what can be arranged. Sometimes friendly humans have donated enough to pay for an entire visit, and we fae folk are also open to barter. Faerie visits shouldn’t be restricted to only those with the most gold. If there is not currently enough funding from donations for our faerie to attend your celebration, and bartering of goods/services cannot be arranged, we can put you on a waiting list until we receive enough funding to attend.

Face Painting & Balloon Twisting

Time of VisitMax # of ParticipantsPrice
1 hour5$120
1.5 hours15$177
2 hours20$232
2.5 hours25$285
3 hours30$336
3.5 hours35$385
4 hours40$432
4.5 hours45$477
5 hours50$520
5.5 hours55$561
6 hours60$600
Every friend gets both a face paint and a balloon!

Face Painting ONLY

Time of VisitMax # of ParticipantsPrice
1 hour10$120
1.5 hours20$177
2 hours30$232
2.5 hours40$285
3 hours50$336
3.5 hours60$385
4 hours70$432
4.5 hours80$477
5 hours90$520
5.5 hours100$561
6 hours110$600
Every friend gets a face or arm paint!

Balloon Twisting ONLY

Time of VisitMax # of ParticipantsPrice
1 hour20$120
1.5 hours30$177
2 hours40$232
2.5 hours50$285
3 hours60$336
3.5 hours70$385
4 hours80$432
4.5 hours90$477
5 hours100$520
5.5 hours110$561
6 hours120$600
Every friend gets a balloon!

Faerie Visit

Time of VisitMax # of ParticipantsPrice
30 minutesN/A$50
1 hourN/A$100
A faerie visits to answer and ask questions and have pictures taken.

If the faerie is already attending your event, and you wish for the faerie to stay longer, $60 will be added to your total for every 30 minutes. Even if you only wish for the faerie to stay 10 minutes more, the charge will still be $60. Please discuss this possibility with the faerie before your celebration, as it’s possible that the faerie will have another event they need to rush off to immediately after their time at your celebration comes to an end. We appreciate your respect for our time.